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Ecosse Nu Diva

1 meter hi-fi RCA interconnects
The Good

They work. That’s always a good start. The cable is thick (about 5/16”), indicative of lots of insulation and shielding. Its construction is a laborious process that goes far beyond simply assembling the fine materials. The finished product delivers clear, precise sound that (we think) is completely uncolored. Beautiful product for its price range.

The Bad

For us average Joes, $245 is a bit much to spend on an interconnect. Other than its high-end price tag, there is not much bad about the Nu Diva- all in all, it is a beautiful interconnect.

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star The Verdict

It’s a hi-fi cable for hi-fi people; therein is price justification. Super-quality materials were used, from its silver-plated copper conductor to its outermost layer of transparent, soft PVC.

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