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Manufacturer We Said...
Acoustic Research Acoustic Research manufactures interconnects, surge protectors and wireless headphones.
Acoustic Zen Acoustic Zen Technologies harmonizes engineering and quality cables production.
Actinote After filing a cables patent in 1990, Actinote was created.
Analysis Plus Analysis Plus is a common name to the audio world.
Apature Apature cables are structured and designed using scientific research.
Audience AV Audience AV manufactures an array of cables and interconnectivity solutions.
Audio Magic Audio Magic certainly casts a spell on their cables.
Audio Metallurgy Audio Metallurgy sells their products straight from their own website.
Audio Note Audio Note distributes their products worldwide.
Audioquest AudioQuest was founded in 1980 by audiophile Bill Low.
Aural Symphonics Since the 1980’s Aural Symphonics has been distributing quality cables.
AVic Cable AViC Cable is always trying to up their game. With cables built from materials unfamiliar to...
Axiom Audio Since 1980, Axiom Audio has been producing quality cables to consumers everywhere. Axiom’s...
Bear Labs BEAR Labs was established in 1990, by Randy Bradley, whose nickname just happens to be...
Belden Belden CDT Inc. may sound familiar. This cables manufacturer developed in 2004, is actually a...
Belkin Belkin has grown since its small town beginning in 1983.
Blue Jeans Cable Blue Jeans Cables emphasizes custom lengths and colors. They manufacture most of their...
Brilliance Hi-Fi Cables When it comes to cables, Brilliance Hi-Fi is, well, brilliant.
Cables To Go With the recognition and success that Cables To Go has seen in the past few years, it is hard...
Cardas Audio Cardas Audio is focused on helping musicians reproduce their music.
Cat Cables Custom Audio Transmission, otherwise known as CAT Cables, has been in the interconnectivity...
Coincident Speaker Technology Coincident offers state quality performance and design at mid-fi prices.
Dynex Dynex is a relatively common name in the connectivity solutions industry.
Ecosse Reference Cable Ecosse Reference Cables has expertise in the music and audio industries above and beyond that...
Element Cable Element Cable's are made-to-order and can be customized.
Evidence Audio Cable manufacturer that is clearly respected and used by musicians everywhere.
Gut Wire Audio Cables GutWire Audio Cables are manually produced by hand.
Homegrown Audio Co. Homegrown Audio Co. attempts to bring DIY audio followers a haven.
Impact Acoustics Impact Acoustics manufacturers its own line under individual labels.
Kharma Among speakers and cables, Kharma does not compromise its products.
Kimber Kable For some 25 years, Kimber Kable has delivered cables worldwide.
LAT International LAT designs cables that work with a range of components.
Live Wire Live Wire specializes in providing connectivity solutions for average listeners and downright...
Luminous Audio Technology Luminous Audio does not concentrate on any single design philosophy.
Magnan Magnan’s mission is to bring musical reality to audiophiles.
Metra Ltd. Metra Ltd. is well established in the sound world.
Monster Cable Audiophile, Noel Lee, began Monster Cable Products, Inc. in 1979.
Music Interface Technologies (MIT) Music Interface Technologies, was founded in 1984 by Bruce Brisson.
Neutrik AG Neutrik manufactures connectivity solutions particularly in professional entertainment.
Nirvana Audio Nirvana Audio cables are designed for application specific duty.
Pear Cable Pear Cable manufactures interconnects with science in mind.
Poth Audio Poth Audio was developed by Jeff Poth after college.
QED Audio Products QED Audio Products was founded in 1973.
River Cable River Cables sources very high quality components for their cables.
Soundstring Cable Technologies When it comes to quality, Soundsting Cable Technologies has it covered.
Stager Stager specializes in live sound production.
Tara Labs “TARA” stands for “The Absolute Reference Audio.”
The Bolder Cable Company Stationed in Littleton, Colorado, Bolder Cable Company manufactures audio cables, digital...
Tonian Laboratories Founded in 1976, Sweden based Jenving Technology manufactures cables under the brand name...
Topline Cables Specializing in computer connectivity solutions, Topline Cables manufactures as well as...
Triphazer Triphazer has manufactures hi-end audio electronics for over 20 years.
True Colours Industries True Colours Industries has grown in leaps and bounds since their small scaled beginning in...
Ultralink Ultralink/XLO Products is on the rise in audio.
XLO electric XLO Electric may not be as well known to the cables industry as other companies that have been...
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