Cable Glossary

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Term Definition
Abrasion Resistance Is defined as a materials ability to withstand wear due to mechanical motion such as rubbing and scrapping. Different materials used for the outer shielding or insulation of audio and video cables have varying degrees of Abrasion Resistance. If you are using a cable in an... Read More
AES/EBU Stands for the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). It is the standard adopted for carrying digital audio signals via cables between devices. It is more officially designated AES3. It relates to a group of cables and connectors designed to... Read More
Alternating Current (AC) When people refer to Alternating Current or AC they are usually thinking of it as opposed to DC or Direct Current in the transmission of electricity.  Alternating Current in this case is the transmission of electric current that modulates or varies in magnitude or... Read More
Ampere Is the full version of a word you may be more familiar with: “AMP”. An Ampere or AMP is a unit of measure of electrical current named for Andre Marie Ampere, generally recognized as the father of electromagnetism.  Without getting into a physics lesson an AMP tells you... Read More
Amplitude Is a way to define one of the characteristics of the sine wave, where Amplitude is measure of the oscillations during a single wave cycle. In the transmission of sound or data through cables and wires, Amplitude Modulation (as in AM radio) is a way to use the phenomenon of... Read More
Coaxial Cable Is one of the most common cables used for transmission of Video or Television signals. It is the cable you are probably familiar with that connects to the RF “nipple” on the back of your TV providing your cable TV or Satellite Signal. Coaxial cable is typically made up of a... Read More
Cobalt Cable Cobalt Cable is a brand name that’s is becoming identified as a “product” much like “Band-Aid” or “Kleenex.” But Cobalt Cable is actually a specific cable made by a particular manufacturer of high-end cables, distinguished by the Cobalt Blue color of their... Read More
Dual Connect Is a manufacturer of high-end audio and video cables for the professional and audiophile market based in Denmark. Dual Connect Cables have been called as “Good as Gold” because they literally are. All Dual Connect Cables are manufactured using precious metals. Dual Connect... Read More
Hi-Fi Interconnects Interconnects are the cables that are used to connect one component in your home stereo or home theater system to the other. The cables that are used to carry signal form your amp to your speakers, to your TV or DVD player – are all interconnects. Hi-Fi interconnects are... Read More
Reference Cable Reference Cable is just another name for “Audio Cable”. However it is usually manufacturers of high-end cables that are describe them as Reference Cables. Reference Cable can be speaker cables, or interconnects, and can use either metal, precious metal or even fiber optic... Read More
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